To some extent, healthy anxiety is expected from time to time. We feel nervous or even fearful of dealing with everyday life stressors such as relationships, illness, job changes, etc. However, it is time to seek help, when worry and anxiety have become a constant presence in daily life.

How can one know if the stress and fears are at acceptable levels or becoming a disorder before it is too late?

Do I need Anxiety Care? : Untreated Anxiety might make it difficult for you to leave your home or bed and lead to other disorders such as depression, panic attacks, addiction or other physical illness. With a combination of medication and counseling, people with Anxiety can live a normal life.

  • Anxiety symptoms include irritability, intense fear, worry, difficulty concentrating, and a general “keyed up” feeling.

  • Physical symptoms of anxiety often include sweating, dry mouth, hot flashes or chills, dizziness, heart palpitations, muscle tension, trembling, nausea, and restlessness.

When anxiety frequently occurs over a few months and is disruptive to daily life, it may be a diagnosable Anxiety Disorder.

Next step: If you are experiencing few of these symptoms, it is time to schedule a discussion with a licensed therapist. Here is a link to schedule a 20 minutes initial consultation at no cost and check if we are a good fit. We will also use short assessment tool to make a more accurate measurement in the first session. You can call me at 713-894-0146 or send an email to .