A Major depressive disorder is a serious medical illness affecting an estimated 15 million American adults. It is quite natural to feel blue once in a while or to have a bad day. That’s why far too many people ignore depression, and believe that these feelings will go away. Depression is a clinically diagnosed disorder that needs attention.

While there is no precise scientific definition of the cause of depression, it is interpreted as a result of psychological, genetic, and environmental factors. Anyone can experience depression regardless of age, race, or socioeconomic background. Depression also comes with a high risk of suicide or addiction. Hence it’s essential to look out for the signs of this insidious mental health condition.

Need for care? : If any of the following symptoms are persisting for over two weeks, clinical depression must be assessed by a licensed professional.

  • Feeling sad and anxious, sleep disruptions or sleep difficulties, changes in appetite, difficulty concentrating or making a decision, fatigue, even after a good night’s rest

  • Irritability or frustration , Hopelessness or feeling worthless or helpless, Apathy, Thoughts of suicide or hurting yourself, not enjoying things you used to enjoy earlier

A large study showed that 2 out of 3 people taking an antidepressant still experienced symptoms of depression. Most people feel better with a combination of both medication and counseling.

Next step: If you are experiencing few of these symptoms, it is time to schedule a discussion with a licensed therapist. Here is a link to schedule a 20 minutes initial consultation at no cost and check if we are a good fit. We may also use a few quick tools for more accurate identification in the first session. You can call me at 713-894-0146 or send an email to