Divorce recovery


The ending of a marriage is often an emotionally taxing journey, no matter how confident you are in your decision. Divorce often brings a wide range of intense emotions, including sadness, self-blame, grief, confusion, anxiety, guilt, and other painful feelings, particularly if children are involved. Divorce recovery counseling helps individuals work through these emotions and develop new coping skills to feel free, whole and in control of their life. Divorce recovery, like any form of healing, is unique to each person. However, recovery often happens in four stages.

Recovery often happens in four stages:

  • Stabilization Phase:Turning to a support system and establishing coping skills offers helpful stabilization during the healing phase.

  • Exploration Phase: Many people examine what went awry in their marriage and what they want from their future during this stage.

  • Experimentation Phase: This stage of divorce recovery may involve starting to seek a new relationship or pursuing life as an independent individual.

  • Regaining confidence: At this stage of recovery, you’re confident in your ability to accomplish your goals and pursue happiness on your own terms.

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