Identity development


Some of us feel a little lost from time to time. Developing an identity or sense of self can take time and may be challenging.

Working on your identity can help you to discover who you really are and to become your true self. The overwhelming presence of social media in our lives these days has only made this problem worse.

I have special interest in working with people who are going through life transition or identity development because I understand that change can be slow and often times hard. But I also see change as an opportunity for something new. Changes, specially difficult ones can influence personal growth and dealing with change successfully can bring more confidence and equips us to be prepared for the future.

Next Step: Do you feel lost or alone? Trying to figure out who you are and where you fit in ‘life’? If you are considering to work on your self-worth, please can call me at 713-894-0146 or send an email to Here is a link to schedule a 20 minutes initial consultation at no cost and check if we are a good fit.