Meditation & Mindfulness

What exercise is to our body, meditation is to our mind.


What exercise is to our body, meditation is to our mind.

Meditation practice helps in increasing self-awareness and understanding. Meditation therapy is a method of relaxation and consciousness expansion by focusing on a mantra or a keyword, sound, or image while eliminating outside stimuli from one’s awareness (Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, 2009). Meditation is the state of awareness to decongest the mind, reduce stress, and increase relaxation.

The duration of meditation practice is as short as one minute to several hours. There is no 'right' or 'only' way to practice meditation. It is as diverse as the people who practice it. Research has proven the benefits of meditation practice in reducing stress, anxiety, depression and improving overall the quality of life.

Meditation practice is an effective approach to feel less anxious, more grounded, and happier. In my personal life, I have been practicing meditation combined with the body for over 15 years.

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